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Respected Sir,
         I am 66(Male),Indian. In a routine check up(No abnormality of any kind)my Serum Creatinine level was found to be 1.64 mg/dl(higher) and my Serum Urea was 23.50 mg/dl.What is the implication ,what precaution and medicine I should take.
    I am taking Blood pressure Medicines (Attenolol-25)and Losartan-25 one each daily to control my BP.Also I take Statin-5 mg and Fenofibrate-60 mg daily one tablet to control my lipid profiles.I walk a lot and do regularly exercise.
        Please advise

Krishna, serum creatinine and BUN (blood urea nitrogen) are measures of protein breakdown products in the blood that are produced in all people as part of their routine metabolism.  These substances are excreted in part by the kidneys.   The level detected in the blood (or serum) is one measure of the relative healthy functioning of the kidneys.  Normal values can vary from lab to lab depending on the specific method of analysis.  In general, the normal level of creatinine is 0.6-1.5 and of the BUN from 8-25.  Your creatinine, therefore, is mildly increased and the BUN is "high normal".  This suggests mild deterioration of your kidney function.  This is very common in people as they age and can be predisposed to by by harmful effects of hypertension and hyperlipidemia (both of which you have) on your kidneys.  At this point, there is no cause for concern except to continue your present treatment of these conditions.  It is also helpful to drink at least 2-2.5 liters of fluid daily.   It would be reasonable to have these 2 tests monitored every 6 months and as long as they remain stable, you have no worries.  If they rise significantly, your doctor may want to get some specialized tests regarding your kidney function or, better yet, send you for consultation to a nephrologist - a physician specializing in kidney disorders.    Good luck.


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