Hi Dr. Goldstein

Thanks again for your really quick answer earlier this week. Was prescribed Cipro (250 twice a day) for the infection - my question is, is it normal to experience rather significant right side back pain while on Cipro?  I had pain in the same area before, but it was much less than it is now.  I am in day 3 of the 5 day cipro prescription.

thank you again


Andey, although Cipro may cause pain, this is usually in the joints and not in the back or flank area.  Furthermore, with your past history, I believe that whatever is the underlying cause of your recurrent pain and bleeding, is responsible for your present discomfort - and not the Cipro.  You need to see a urologist to find the etiology of your condition.  Cipro is an antibiotic and will only help if you have a urinary tract infection (UTI).  Your symptoms do not suggest a UTI to me.  Arrange to visit a urologist to get to the bottom of your symptoms.  Good luck.


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