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i would like your opinion on panex ginseng
gingko bilboa and l arginine.
taking them together for erectile boost.
is it dangerous.?could they cause prolounged  erection?
wich would cause ed.
i am 46 .
taking no medication,and in good health apart from being a bit
kind regards

Michael, the 3 natural products that you mention have been tried to improve erectile quality.  However, although there are anecdotal reports of occasional benefit, there is no properly conducted medical studies that I am aware of, that demonstrate significant benefit over placebo.  All such  natural substances have potential side effects, both in themselves and in interacting with other natural substances plus with any other traditional medications one is taking.  Therefore, I do not recommend them for my patients.  I am not aware of any of these herbal remedies causing prolonged erections either by themselves or in combination.  Good luck.


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