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Urology/Inflamed Vein on Penile Shaft


Hi Doctor,

Thank you for your help,

A month ago, I was masturbating whilst I was unwell with a vomiting bug. I therefore, wasn't as hard as usual, but proceeded until I came. A few seconds afterwards, I felt a sharp pain to the left of my shaft, about an inch beneath the head of the penis. I believe it's because I was harsh on the penis perhaps, but unknowingly just lost in the moment.

This pain subsided after 24 hours, and after a while I refrained from all contact, and within 5 days I felt my libido return and I was firing again, with most of the sensitivity having returned.

However, after a few times of masturbating, I felt that my vein had a little swelling around it. I say vein, and by this, I mean the main one that runs down towards the head, if you're looking down towards your penis.

Now, this vein no longer gets as hard as I believe it once did, and neither does the one on the underside of the shaft. Despite this, I realise it's because I'm investigating, rather than enjoying.

My issue is that I feel the vein can move and feels quite stringy, when the skin comes back over the head, the vein moves together, into almost a 90 degree turn. When erect, it is straight, but the sensitivity is perhaps a little less than pre-injury. Initially, after the injury occurred, I lost quite a bit of sensitivity. Furthermore, there are very slight indications of two other veins running parallel to the head, as though they are creating a circle beneath the head, but aren't very pronounced.

I've researched and researched online, and believe this could be the swelling of a lymph node? Although my vein is not hard... so I am confused. I only masturbate about 4 times a week on average, and I am healthy otherwise. No STDs (tested), and good bloods (tested). I don't even have any pain, just a distinct lack of sensitivity on the vein area about an inch down and the ability to move the vein quite freely... which isn't very nice to the touch.

I was investigated by my doc who believes I might have burst a blood vessel. Otherwise, there are no other physical symptoms or pain, but I am refraining from masturbating to ensure that the vein returns to normal...

Will my vein return to normal with time?
Does it sound to you like it is related to lymph nodes?
Or have I damaged the vein?
and most importantly, do you think these side effects will subside, or am I stuck with this for life?

Thank you for your help Doctor! I am really grateful for your input and support!



There are no lymph nodes in the penis and significant injuries or problems with large superficial dorsal vein of the penis are rare.  A burst blood vessel would leave a large bruise which is not what you are describing.  Movement of the vein is normal so it's difficult to know if yours is excessive.

Since we don't have a clear diagnosis, it is not possible to predict the future.  However, most acute problems do resolve.

If it doesn't consider a consultation with a urologist.


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