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Urology/pes sized "ball" in scrotum


pea shape ball
pea shape ball  
I have had this pea size ball in my scrotum since i was about 16 now im 27 over the years it has grown slowly bigger to where its the size of about 5 feels like it connected to my right testicle via strings maybe veins.

From research i gathered its a Epididymal cyst or a Spermatocele

My question is what causes them and what can be done about them ?
its not great when a partner feels them and says whats that.

in the picture you can see my right testicle and where my thumb is thats where the string/vein run to the other small ball shaped thing

This may or may not turn out to be a spermatocele and the fact that it is enlarging suggests that possibly a surgery may be needed.

Spermatoceles develop from injuries or weaknesses in the walls of the microscopic tubules inside the epididymis which then expand and stretch causing the cystic structure we call a spermatocele.  The only definitive treatment is surgery.  No pill or needle stick will cure the problem.

As far as your partner saying "what's that?", you can always explain that in some men these cysts form in the epididymis and they are not dangerous.  Similar to cysts that develop in her ovaries!

For the record, there is no "string or veins" in spermatoceles.  The attachment is part of the epididymis.


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