QUESTION: I have tookr viagra ecreationally 2-3 times a week over the last few mo.thx I have a hard r ridge.that runs all the way along the shaft just below the glans,  sometimes it is rock hard in the flaccid state to the right of the shaft, I don't get any erections at all , wen I'm with my girlfriend I get a erection but it is soft, I have been told by prof Kevin Wiley that I don't have peyronies or fibrosis but wot else could the hard bits be?  I can think of a few times looking back of when I had prolonged sometimes a bit pai.full erectio.s I didn't know of the dangers of priapism at the time ,  my penis tissue doesn't fill with blood it is just dead tissue viagra doesn't make any difference, it has been  about 10 months   I can't't of had a continuous priapism otherwise I wud of known I think the damage built up  over time, if the tissue isn't getting blood what happens in future,  there is no sensation it feels dead, can it improve after 10 months ??  HOW COMMON IS PRIAPISM AFTER TAKING  viagra? WHY HAS THE TISSUE  gone a yellowy tinge?   WHEN WILL SCIENCE  BE ABLE TO GROW A NEW PENIS I KNOW THEY DID WITH RABBITS IN09   IS IT AT ALL POSSIBLE IT WILL.GO BK TO NORMAL.IN YEARS TO COME?? Has any man ever recovers there normal penis back after several priapisms????

ANSWER: James:

It's obviously impossible for me to identify or diagnose the hard nodules you've described.  They could be calcium deposits, scar tissue or something else.  If the penis is not becoming erect and feel numb after 10 months, then it is not likely to get better on its own. But in medicine anything is possible.

Priapism is quite uncommon after viagra, but it can happen.  

A yellow color can suggest jaundice or liver trouble or could be a skin condition.

We are many, many years away from being able to grow new organs in humans.

You asked if normal function has ever returned after several priapisms. The answer is yes, but it is not likely to return to completely 100% normal function.  We also are not sure what the nature of your tissue hardness is or if you actually had priapism at all.

You may want to get a second urology opinion to address all of these issues.

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QUESTION: What ate calcium deposits and what happens if it is calcium deposits, the hard ridge appeared after I overused the pump, I have lost length and girth to my penis, the base seems rto have rotted away, my penis also feels sticky, have patients ever had what I'm describing and there penis returned to normal?  I was taking trazedone and propanalol with viagra in my system at times could this have made priapism more likely, roughly what are the chances of a young fit male getting priapism after taking viagra? I feel so stupid and cannot forgive myself  they were 100 mg I had two in one night a couple of times, I know body parts is way off but what about regrowing errectile tissue and smoothmuscle

ANSWER: James:

Calcium deposits are like small stones.  They can sometimes develop after a trauma, infection or injury.  Such deposits usually don't do anything but it depends on their cause, size and location.

If the penis appears that abnormal, it should probably be evaluated by a urologist.

Trazadone is known to cause priapism especially when combined with Viagra.

I can't give you a specific percentage, but the likelihood of priapism in an otherwise healthy man just from Viagra is quite low.

Taking 2 of the 100 mg tablets of Viagra is certainly more than the normally prescribed dose and could potentially create problems, especially if you are already on trazadone.

Regrowing smooth muscle tissue and a penis is many years away.  The technology does not yet exist to do this.

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QUESTION: When you say unlikely to get better on its own wot do u mean what can I do to help it improve, can erectile tissue grow back when it has turned to scar tissue what about smooth muscle?? Can human growth hormone help?  How would a prosthesis work when it is all scar tissue wouldn't the scar tissue fade in time with constant friction from sex?  How can.I prove that the erectile tissue is scarred the professeor sed no.abnormalities what tests can be done to identify tissue damage and scar tissue, has a patient ever had all.the symptoms I'm describing and improved o improved even after 10 months??


There isn't much you can do now.  There is no way to remove scar tissue surgically without causing more damage.  Human growth hormone won't help.

A prosthesis just replaces the scar tissue with an artificial erection.  Essentially, the normal erection tissue and the scar tissue are both destroyed to make room for the prosthesis.

Scar tissue will tend to shrink over time but will not fade from friction from sexual activity.

An ultrasound or MRI of the penis are 2 ways to look for scar tissue in the penis.

There is no easy way to determine how much tissue damage from scarring may have occurred.  Essentially, since we can't remove the scar tissue anyway in most cases, we concentrate on how to make things work better if possible.

I can't tell you of any patients I know with identical symptoms to yours so i can't answer your last question.


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