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my left testical hurts had ultrasound of testicals lower left pole with hyperchoec I feel testical died feels like tunic covering is rought on leavaquine antiboctic wont dead tesical or partial dead testical cause ganggreen can they remove the covering of the testical or partal covering thank you randy

My subspecialty is reconstructive surgery of the urethra and male genitalia (e.g.. for urethral strictures and penile-scrotal discarders).   do not have enough information to give you advice.  I do not know your age, have limited information, and can not examine you via the internet.  Moreover, you had a procedure, but do not say what was advised by the person who ordered or did the ultrasound.

However, there is one point that I would like to make.  When a man has a problem with the testicle itself, and there is a mass on exam, and the ultrasound shows a problem within, it is very important that a cancer not be missed.  Testicular cancer in a man can usually be cured, but it is extremely beneficial that there not be a delay in diagnosis.  Therefore, I recommend you seek advice by a Urologist, not via the Internet, but in person.  I am not suggesting you have cancer.  I am saying that you want to be sure you do not have testicular cancer, and the best way to do that is to see a Urologist.  Best of luck.


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