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I have a somewhat weird question maybe. 4 days ago (thursday last week) I was masturbating. I did it in a very usual manner, nothing rough, weird etc. Anyway, half way trough I get this pain on the right side of the penis, like a dull ache. I finish up but since then the dull ache have been there.

It's not a great pain, it even comes and goes a bit. A couple of times it has moeved to the tip of my penis, and even the left side of the penis. Sometimes a dull ache, sometimes more of a stinging sensation.

I know for a fact that it can't be a STD since I have not been unfaithful to my wife and she is 7 months pergnant so she hasn't either. Regular painkillers hasn't worked.

Id don't need to pee more but it stings a bit more after urinating. No other symptoms or discharge from the penis, I feel fine. What the heck could this be? Prostatitis was a suggestion I find on the internet. I live in Sweden and here u can't just book a appointment with a urologist, you have to see a regular doctor first, who will test me for STD, even though I know it can't be so I won't get to se a urologist in a months time, at least.

Could the masturbation cause some sort of inflammtion perhaps?


Masturbation does not cause inflammation.  The most likely cause of your problem is prostatitis.  There is no reason the diagnosis can't be made by a good regular physician.  Meanwhile, try sitting in a hot tub twice a day, avoid caffeine and hot spicy foods.  

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Ok, thanks! I have had this before, it seems to come randomly, sometimes staying for up to a month. First time I got Doxycycline which didn't help, but it faded away gradually. I was advised to use Cipro by a doctor friend so I guess that could help.

On another appointment (because of anal fissures) at my doctor my prostate was checked with nothing unusal, it was fine. Why does only feel in my penis then, if the prostate seems to be fine?  I'm 33 years old btw.


The prostate may not actually be fine even if an examination by a non-urology specialist thought it was "OK".  (I know it was not a urologist since he was doing the examination for an anal fissure.)  Penile pain without any direct problem evident in the penis is often due to prostatitis regardless of how the prostate "feels".

Cipro is sometimes useful as an antibiotic, but it is usually used by itself without other treatments like the hot sitz baths and caffeine avoidance.  It is also not usually taken long enough.  Typically, a course of antibiotics for prostatitis requires 6 weeks minimum of therapy.


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