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Urology/Phimosis and the change of glan colour


QUESTION: five weeks ago ,I don't recall ever retracting my foreskin ,I tried to retract it by forcing it which caused paraphimosis which caused me to have a dorsal slit done ,during the paraphimosis the glans were reddish pink but after the dorsal slit recovery time I managed to get a little glimpse of the glans ,the meat us and a little surrounding area  is dark grey and wrinkly is the tissue in my glans dying ?am I going to lose the head of my penis ?,I am 17 btw.

ANSWER: George:

First, you should now realize it wasn't smart to force the skin over the head of the penis.  Look at all the trouble it caused.

In a 17 year old, we usually recommend a full circumcision once the initial healing is over.  It will look much more normal in later years.

Don't worry about the color of the head.  The delicate skin of the head of the penis is drying out and toughening up since it's not longer completely covered.  This is normal.  You can put some neosporin or bacitracin ointment on it to help protect it if you wish.  You are not going to lose the head of the penis after a dorsal slit.  Talk to your urologist about a full circumcision at some point.

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QUESTION: It is basically still completely covered since the dorsal slit ,and all I've been able to see is a glimpse of the meatus and the surrounding area and it is dark grey,very dark,and has a raisin like appearance ,this glimpe is basically a small circle so I am worried that circulation may be cut off some how to cause that effect.i don't know if it is my mind but I sense a very mild burning sensation ,my circumcision is scheduled for jan 30th ,I am just hoping I am not damaging the head of my penis without even knowing .


It would be exceedingly rare for there to be a continuing problem after the dorsal slit.  The fact that you can see the meatus indicates some opening.  If you're concerned, you'll need to double check with the urologist as we can't really tell from here, but it would be quite unusual.


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