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hi doctor

This is second time i m comeing to this forum. i m going through very tense life, i m 36 year old, married since 2 years,  1 year back i suffered from priapism for 35 hours. after that i m suffering from erectile dysfunction, i went to local urologist but of no help.  i dont get errection. its been one year my penis is still sore. kindly help. plz tell me how i can get my erections back. my married life is at stake pleaseeee. will give u more details once u respond. i need ur help badly

I am not sure why you not have received help when you saw a Urologist.  Certainly priapism of this duration can irreversibly damage the ability of the penis to become erect.  However, there are definitely options for treatment.  In some men, pills such as Viagra are effective, and if not, injection therapy may be effective.  Unfortunately, it is very possible that no medical management option will effectively treat your erectile dysfunction after 35 hours of priapism.  In this situation, a penile implant would effectively restore your ability to have sex with your wife.  This is an option that has to be carefully considered in a 36 yo, but if the only options are no sex or and sex with an implant, then a penile prosthesis is an excellent "last resort".  Keep in mind that after priapism, there can be scarring of the penis that makes penile implant placement difficult and some Urologists are reluctant to want to undertake the surgery.  However, this certainly can be done successfully by someone with expertise.  I am providing you a couple of links to a website with more information, and that includes sub-sections including a section on the penile implant.  


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