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Urology/Slight elevation of Creatinine (consistent )


QUESTION: I am a 56 year old white male in athletic shape. I lift weights about twice a week and I am on the stairmaster 4 to 5 times week for about 30 -40 min at a moderate pace. I am 5'8" and weigh 165.
I have no medical conditions and I am not on any medication.
My blood pressure is averaging about 135/85
I had a treadmill test done by Cardiologist last year with echocardiogram and was told i never need to see him again. All Clear.
My Creatinine level was 1.41 in this past test this week. this was done on a fast. My glucose was 89. my BUN was 19. Sodium was 138, Protein total 7.2.
This test was  preformed within 20 hours of a 12 mile strenuous mountain bike ride.
I am concerned about the creatinine level !
However I went back and looked at blood work from ten years ago and it was 1.35 way back then. So I am not seeing a significant jump at all.
Five years ago it tested at 1.37. Two years ago on a non fasting test it was 1.6
Should I be overly concerned? Do I have failing kidneys?

Seems to me it is staying at same level which might mean I run high naturally?

ANSWER: Richard:

You are agonizing over nothing.  The slight increase in creatinine in a patient without underlying diabetes or hypertension is not a cause for concern.  Based on relative hydration, diet and activity, the creatinine will change slightly and your current level is considered normal.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks Doctor Leslie for the reassuring and prompt reply!!!!!

So you would not refer me to Nephrologist if I was your patient based solely on the blood blood work and history?

Current creatinine level is above normal range? The Assay from the blood lab suggests > 1.3 is above the upper end of high range.

Blood pressure is 135/85 ninety percent of time. However at times I have seen it as high as 145/90 (in doctors office visit, or at home at night). I drink about a quart of Ice Tea a day (Caffeine).
I eat chicken at chipolte everyday for lunch (High protein).

The thing that still has me concerned is that the blood pressure might be close to hypertension.
If I am stressing out my kidneys with higher then normal blood pressure and it is creating an elevation in Creatinine, will this resolve if I get my blood pressure back down to 120/70 (possibly use medication) or have I already done irreparable damage to kidneys?

Also Radical Prostatectomy 2004 (Jean DeKernion MD UCLA). PSA >0.01 !!! Ten years Post op THANK GOD


Year 2001
Creatinine 1.2 and BUN 10

Year 2003
Creatinine 1.4 and BUN 14

Year 2005
Creatinine 1.3 and BUN 16

Year 2010
Creatinine 1.33 and BUN 9

Year 2012
Creatinine 1.42 and BUN 19... and ....Urine Creatinine 208.5

Year 11/2013
Creatinine 1.47 and BUN 19

Year 2/2014
Creatinine 1.46 and BUN 19


If you were my patient I would not make the referral.  If you were worried about this and the anxiety was bothering you, then I would make the referral to nephrology to reassure you.  Just remember that there is no real treatment for renal disease.


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