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I'm a 27 year old male. Several months ago, I was going 3mph on friends motorcycle then stopped abruptly and hit my pubic bone on the gas tank. it hurt for about 20 min and after there was no pain. I since have had successful sex and erections many times.

Two months after that, I had heavy intercourse/masterbation and then the next day noticed that my superficial dorsal vein was enlarged. I went to a urologist and he told me it was thrombosis and told me to take small dose aspirin. I went back the next month and he said it was better. However, I can still see the vein and it gets a little more prominent after intercourse but there hasnt' been any pain.  I have a couple quick questions:

How much does this vein have an effect on erections?

How big of an injury would there have to be to cause permanent damage to erections?

I've since woken up at night with erections sometimes but haven't had them every morning, what is considered normal?

Myles, first let me tall you that I never received your question until this morning due to an error at the web site.  The superficial dorsal vein really has no relationship to the ability to obtain and maintain an erection.  Therefore, any degree of trauma to the vein alone will not cause erectile problems.  Severe injury to the erectile bodies of the penis, to the nerves that control erection (located in the perineum - the area between the "wind and the rain") or severe pelvic trauma may cause erectile difficulty.  Fortunately, none of these occurred in the type of trauma you suffered.  It is normal to have significant variation in the number of nocturnal erections and erections on awakening.  As long as you function normally with sexual activity, you have no cause for concern.  Good luck.


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