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QUESTION: Hello Doctor Leslie,

16 months ago, I experienced a penile injury that has not significantly improved at all. I wrote to you about a week after the injury hoping that the case would resolve itself after some time but I have just been depressed about the results after this long time.

Here is the summary of what happened:

Back in Nov 2012, I was stupidly dry humping with my girlfriend and my erect penis was forced downward by my pants, a little more pressure was applied and i felt a tug of some sort but no pain at all. Immediately after, my penis became stiff when flaccid and erections were not as strong.

As of now, there hasn't been much progress, my penis remains stiff when flaccid which really bothers me. There has been no reduction in this which frightens me since its been such a long time. And when I exercise or run, the penis becomes shriveled and hard and contracts. What does this mean? How can I get rid of this? Also when i get an erection, there is some resistance from ligaments but nothing compared to pre-injury. I feel as though I am not getting any better which really scares me.

I have talked to urologists but they haven't really helped much and think that its "normal" for me to have this firm flaccid penis even though I stressed to them and made it clear that it wasn't present right before the injury and occurred immediately after the injury.

I am just lost and hopeless right now, I didn't think such an injury would affect my life this much and not have healing. Please give me any hope or insight on potential treatments, I would be so grateful. Thank you Doctor.


The fact that the penis becomes shriveled and contracted after exercise does not necessarily mean anything.  There is also no obvious treatment for this aspect.

Regardless of whether the flaccid penis is firm or not, there really isn't much we can do about it.  Some firmness could indicate scarring or fibrosis, but again since we have no realistic treatment it's a moot point.  That's why the urologists haven't given you any answers.

If the erections are otherwise normal and functional, then it would seem that there is no reason for you to be so overwhelmingly depressed from this.  If there is a functional problem with erections, then this can be treated.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for the response Doctor.

I can still get erections although they are a little more difficult to maintain. I should be thankful for that fact but I guess I'm just upset that it is not back to pre-injury status.

In regards to the fibrosis, are you talking about within the penis? Is this possible even though it got firm right after this injury happened? I didn't think scarring could occur in the penis without a penile fracture. Also my penis isn't firm 100% of the time, sometimes its gets soft but feels like a sponge full of blood, so could it just excess blood in the penis? If so, is it strange that it hasn't substantially diminished? Could healing continue for years?

Thanks again Doctor.


Scarring can certainly happen even without a fracture.  The fact that it gets soft at times is encouraging.  The exact nature of this cannot be determined from the available info.  Healing may take some time.  For now, if it appears to be improving and works reasonably well, be happy.


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