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What do you call this condition. A friend of mine visited the doctor and was given uro flow test. The doctor told him his flow rate was 5 times the speed of the average male and that he had a  very large bladder. He had a further examination and was told he was fine, his kidney and and all other organs related to urine production functioned properly. I tried to do some research on this but had no luck.

I can only give you general information because I am missing important details (second hand).  You do not say why your friend visited a doctor. Generally, a man goes to a doctor because the flow is low, not because he is urinating too well.  You say the speed is 5 times the average male.  This seems extremely unusual as the bladder can only contract with a certain force.  Perhaps this was an exaggeration.  You do not say what the flow rate was, and so it is hard for me to comment on this.  Moreover, you say the bladder was large, but do not say the capacity.  In general, a non-invasive way to get some information about how well someone is urinating is a measurement of the flow rate along with what is called the post-void residual.  The man urinates into a machine (with a full bladder).  The machine measures the flow rate over time, and this is printed as a graph.  The information provided includes the voided volume and the peak flow.  Right after that, an ultrasound is placed over the bladder to assess the amount in the bladder (post void residual).  An example of normal would be a voided volume of 300cc with a peak flow of 35 cc/sec and a residual of less than 10 cc.  This is not an exact test and there can be normal variation of flow rate based on the amount in the bladder and other factors.  An example of very abnormal would be a voided volume of 70cc with a peak flow of 8 cc/sec and a residual of 350cc.  Glad all is well with your friend.


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