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Urology/Cosmetic procedures on the penile raphe?


The raphe line on the underside of my penis is quite pronounced and corkscrews across the shaft when nearing the crown. It is distinct from the surrounding skin and creates a two tone affect.

It's very similar to this picture

Is there a surgical procedure or technique for reducing the appearance of this line or straightening it? Is there even a precedent in cosmetic surgery for this? I've enquired with a reputable plastic surgeon in the past on this issue and he said he thinks he could help but I'd have to have a mildly expensive consultation just to hear what he proposes. Problem is, I've searched online about this issue and cannot find any precedent for previous work in this field so I fear I could be a 'guinea pig' for this sort of procedure. The only procedure I can find which is related is within congenital penile shaft rotation or penile torsion corrective surgeries, where apparently the median raphe line is 'straightened' in conjunction with the torsion correction.

In your opinion, how 'easy' would it be to either straighten the raphe near the glans so it travels in a straight line or blanche part of the raphe line so it appears the same colour as the surrounding skin? And to do this with little/no evidence that any surgery had taken place?     

Thank you

Keep in mind it is NORMAL for there to be variations in penile skin color and median raphe appearance.  I have never done such a surgery.  I do not know of anyone who has, and I am exclusively specialized in male urethral-genital reconstructive surgery.  If I were to be forced to do such a surgery, I would approach it by making a longitudinal elliptical incision of the skin to include the median rap along the length assuming the width of the incision would not lead to skin deficiency, and then close the skin longitudinally.  The new linear scar would be the new median raphe.  However, the reason I say "if I were forced" is because I would not offer to do such a surgery even though it is an easy surgery and even if I were very well compensated.  You describe a normal penis.  There are always risks of surgery.  I believe that perhaps you are too focused on the appearance of what you describe as a normal variation.   I believe that if you look hard enough, you will find doctors willing to attempt this surgery, especially if well paid.  However, that may not be in your best interest, especially if your result is sub-optimal compared to what appears to be your situation now, which is normal.


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