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My E2-levels were 0.16nmol/l and normal value should be below 0.13nmol/l. Can high estradiol cause penile shrinkage and is this shrinkage permanent or may the penis recover in size after you get your E2-levels to normal range? Can high estradiol levels cause venous leakage or any damage that's not reversable?

John, endocrinology is not my expertise but I shall try to help you.  If not satisfied, I suggest you forward your question to an endocrinologist.  The normal estradiol (E2) level in a male is 10-60 pg/ml.  This converts to 0.06-0.35 nmol/L.  Based on these normal male levels, you have a perfectly normal level of estradiol.  The testicles produce testosterone as well as smaller amounts of female hormones.    In a man, the balance of male hormone to female hormone is really what determines how a male functions sexually as well as his genital appearance.  Higher than normal levels of estradiol and/or lower than normal levels of testosterone may cause subtle changes in a man's genitalia as well as possibly hinder his sexual performance.  Changes in the appearance of a male's genitalia usually can be reverted back to normal with hormone rebalancing.  To the best of my knowledge, higher levels of estradiol will not cause venous leakage.  

To re-iterate, however, you E2 level is normal according to all parameters I could find.  Good luck.


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