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A few weeks back I was trying a certain technique that would help prolong my sexual performance. It's called the squeezing technique where you squeeze the under the head just before ejaculation to try and stop so you can start again after the feeling goes away. I did something very stupid. I squeezed and still ejaculated, but nothing was coming because I was still squeezing. I felt the contraptions and knew I was "shooting". I let go after it was done and sperms came out. I thought I just didn't do it in time. Now I'm very sensitive down there. Anything that touch the glans and just under it on the bottom side gives an overwhelming sensation.  It's not pain, it's pleasure, I guess you could say. But it's constant. Kind of like I have to pee or ejaculate all the time. I thought I had a UTI, been taking cipro for a few days but not getting better. One doctor though I had an STD but tests were negative. Doxycycline didn't work either. I think I injured my urethra. I having trouble getting and maintaining an erection and when my wife and I do have sex, I literally "cum" in seconds because of that tingling feeling.  I don't know what to do. It's ruining my sex life, and my life outside of that because I constantly feel it. I know I'll lose my wife if I can't satisfy her sexually or any woman after. Have you heard of any kind of injury like this. Will this heal?

I appreciate any guidance you can give.


First, it is unlikely you did any serious harm with the squeeze technique.  A vague, tingling feeling in the glans can be extremely difficult to diagnose or treat if it doesn't respond to antibiotics.

Your real problem seems to be premature ejaculation.  This is treatable with behaviour modification and sex therapy or with medications such as SSRI type drugs.  You'll need to contact your physician about this.

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QUESTION: Thanks for answering so quickly. I ever had a problem lasting in bed. Before this, my usual time would be at least 15-20 minutes. It does seem worse when I'm anxious,  which seems to be a lot nowadays. I've had slight burning while urinating a couple times (but not every time) and my urine has always had a strong odor. That's why I thought UTI. I did have pain one time during ejaculation while masterbating after that. And the other day I believe there was a drop of blood. My semen has had a yellow tint once or twice. I thought was probably normal though because other sites have said it was. I've had mild constipation but I contributed that to dehydration and anxiety. My anxiety levels can be through the roof some times. I don't have any chills or fever. Do you think it could be prostititus. I'm only 27 but enlarged prostate does run in my family. I just can't get this feeling in my penis to go away. Sometimes it stings under the frenulum but mostly tingling and over sensitivity to pressure and it just started one day and hasn't stopped. Sometimes it feels hot.

I also don't get morning erections much anymore and I when I do have to urinate, I don't really feel it in my bladder. I feel it in my penis around the same area.

Could it all be in my head? If that's the case idk how a neurotic person like me can get rid of it. I can barely do my job because of the constant feeling.

I really appreciate the advice and I know I'm being a pain with such long questions, but this is driving me crazy and I'm really worried about losing my marriage.


Your main problem is clearly your excessive anxiety level.  Having said that, your burning on urination and strange sensation could possibly be prostatitis.  You'll need to have your physician check it.

Morning erections are not due to having to urinate but to the partially excited state of the nervous system immediately prior to waking up.

Talk to your physician about the sensation in the penis.  But understand that it can be very difficult to diagnose and successfully treat a sensation when the testing is all normal.


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