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Urology/heat pad on penis


i put a heat pad on my penis a month ago
after i could not get erect.then
my erections have come back.i wake up erect .i can
have normal erections.
can heat on the penis cause long term damage?
can heat pad  applied directly on the penis cause
it to shrink?if so does it go back to its former size?
i am 40
taking no medication.
kind regards

Michael, there are many anecdotal reports on the internet about the use of heat applied to the penis to help with erections and also to increase penile size.  However, there are no properly conducted medical studies that document the potential beneficial effects of heat applied to the penis.  As long as the heat applied is not too hot (one must be careful not to burn the penis), it is not a harmful practice.  It will not cause long term damage or shrinkage.  Any beneficial effects  you might think you notice, however, would be quite temporary.  Heat can be applied by tub bath, shower, heating pad, or with a wet wash cloth soaked in warm water.  With the latter, a heating pad wrapped around the wash cloth can be used to keep it warm.  Moist heat sometimes penetrates more than dry heat.  Good luck.


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