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   So to start Iím a 17 year old male, who at 6 years old have a mitral valve replaced with an artificial valve, my whole family is in the medical field. My mom is a Cardiac ICU nurse, my dad is an epidemiologist, and my step-dad is a medical salesman. Iím sure the valve is unrelated I just feel for some odd reason it was appropriate to mention. A week or two before this New Years I started hooking up with this girl who was a friend of a friend. I had sex with her at most 8-10 times Iím guessing it was more around 4-7. I ALWAYS use a condom, however she did give me oral sex about 3 times. Well the last time I hooked up with her, the morning after or the one after that, I was awoken by my strangely itchy penis, it wasnít bad it just woke me up cause it was very unusual it had never happened before. So I went and took a bath, and looked at it. It looked like 10-30 very small red bumps ONLY on the head of my penis, they were barely raised red/fleshy colored and no there was no pus or liquid substance in them. It looked more like a blood blister. Anyway I went back to my room afterwards and went back to sleep, when I awoke, the itching was gone. I began to do A LOT of research. The bumps had no resemblance to herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, or any other STI I could find that caused a rash on the head of the penis. However it did look like a yeast infection. I began applying monistat I found in our cabinet. I went to my pediatrician a few days later under the guise of stomach pain, when I showed her she said it looks like contact dermatitis. I continued the Monistat treatment and it went away in about a week. Well I have been basically dating this new girl for 2 months now. It hadnít occurred for about 2-3 months since the first time, and the bumps never grew, popped or changed once they appeared besides getting smaller and vanishing. I started to notice a trend it occurred right after I took off the condom after sex. It never occurred after oral sex or unprotected sex (she is on birth control). I bought clotrimizole 2% generic at CVS the next time it happened and used that it went away again. I did notice that my foreskin tightened up a bit and actually ripped a tiny bit which Neosporin healed right up. It has happened a total of 3-4 times now, ALWAYS after use of a latex condom. I took some pictures to post along with this, and I noticed that there are a few bumps on my shaft/inside of the foreskin by the head, I have looked very well and I believe this is the first time this has occurred (Iíve been having more sex recently). Could this be a reoccurring yeast infection, abrasions from rough sex/not enough lube, or a reaction to the latex? Since nothing matches the looks of herpes and my doctor said it doesnít look like herpes or an STI, Ik without an actual test there is no definite conformation, Iím just looking for a little piece of mind before I can get that done. Also I never really noticed any burning/stinging sensation while I was urinating, except occiasionally after masturbating, or when I just woke up. And this would sometimes occur after I masturbated too but rarely. I'm also aware that I have Pearly Penile Papules.

Thx for your time,

Sorry, but we are not permitted to give specific advice or diagnoses on this forum; just answer general questions. In addition, it would be extremely unreliable and possibly even dangerous to try and make a diagnosis and suggest treatment based only on a brief description and/or a picture, particularly of a skin lesion on the penis or male genitalia.
Most of the time, skin lesions on the male genitals are quite benign with cysts, allergic reactions and infections like yeast or Herpes being the most common findings.  Sexually transmitted diseases can also cause visible skin lesions.  That is why we recommend that you contact your regular physician or consult a local dermatologist as they are the most experienced experts in skin problems of the male genitalia.


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