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QUESTION: hi sir
im daily masturbator, since i was 14year old  my age is 29 years. before six months i read an article that excess masturbation can make you impotent and that night i masturbated with my dry hand (often i did with my dry hand) and slept, that night i had erection during sleep and i felt pain in my gland this make me wake up i remind that article in my mind this make me affraid and from that time i have lost my erection till today i too worry from this situation from that day i have no morning erection and erection does not come without physical stimulation  and i can not maintain it i have phimosis problem that time now i circumcised i checked from urologist he requested for hormone test my testosterone level is 376.88, fsh is 2.99,lh is 5.56 and prolactine is 7.34.
i cant understand what happen to me i think i have damaged my penis with excessive masturbation which make impotent permanently i think i have
venous leakage  if it is then can be cure without surgery
i m getting marrid very soon plz help me in big trouble this ruin my life

ANSWER: Rohit:

Your hormone levels appear normal.  The fact that the article you read almost immediately coincided with your problem suggests that your erection issue is likely to be psychological and anxiety related rather than anything physical.  Also, the article is incorrect as masturbation does not cause ED, not even when it is "excessive" which is not a proper medical term.  I doubt you have venous leak.  You should consult a local urologist for help and consider seeing a mental health specialist as well to help you deal with the anxiety.

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QUESTION: thanx for reply!
i dont know how i have venous leakge during sleep erection and if it is then can it be cure without surgery  can viagra help me on temporary basis. does effect on morning erection and venous leakage is effected by anexity or it is purely physical damage

ANSWER: Rohit:

Since you don't have venous leak, it's a moot point but for the record there is no cure for venous leak.  Viagra can probably help restore better erections regardless of the underlying problem.  Since Viagra is usually short term, morning erections are usually not affected.  Anxiety by itself does not typically affect morning erections either.

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QUESTION: thanks sir!
according to you that i have no venous leakage , what test should i do to check the venous leakage and if it is postive than it mean its a permanent damage ? is it can be treat with surgery i have heard that type of surgery are costly and is it safe surgery or not im very worried if i have
this mean i m finished my self


There is no need to do a test for venous leakage since your symptoms don't suggest it and it won't change your treatment.  You wouldn't do a pregnancy test on yourself either for the same reason: it won't help you in any way and it won't change your therapy.

There is no permanent cure for most types of erectile dysfunction, but as long as treatment works it's usually not an issue.

We don't recommend surgery for venous leak even when we diagnose it.  The surgery only helps a relatively small percentage and the benefits don't last.  It is also expensive and typically not covered by insurance.

Your issue appears to be more psychological in nature related to depression and anxiety where your perceived sexual problems are exacerbated.  Trust me; you don't need surgery and you don't have venous leak.  Please talk to your local physician or consult a urologist for help with these problems.  


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