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QUESTION: Hello, I'm 25 year old male. I have had high estradiol for some time. I first measured it last January an it was 0.16 nmol/l and now week ago it was 0.13 nmol/l. The reference range in the laboratory was 0-0.13 nmol/l.

My testosterone levels in January 2014 were; total testo 19 nmol/l and free-testo 407 pmol/l. January 2013 though my testosterone levels were; total testo 13 nmol/l and free-testo 199 pmol/l. The laboratory reference ranges were 10-38 nmol/l for total-testo and 200-800 pmol/l for free-testo.

Could these low testosterone levels indicate that in January 2013 I had even higher estradiol-levels that I had in January 2014 when I first measured it? Or does low testosterone automatically mean that estradiol raises?

Can high estradiol and/or low testosterone-levels cause penis size loss in anyway? Is it possible for a penis to shrunk if you have high estradiol and/or low testosterone-levels for a long periods of time?

And the most important question: Do you think, based on my estradiol and testosterone levels, that I could have had some kind of permanent size loss/shrinkage in my penis?

I am asking these questions because it seems like my erections aren't so full and big as they used to be couple of years ago. I have tried Cialis 5mg, when I had smoked some weed and it gave me an very full and big erection. Is this a good indicator that my penis hasn't shrunken?

ANSWER: Stanley:

You are over thinking the laboratory values.  All of your readings, except possibly the first estradiol level, were normal and even the abnormal one was only minimally increased.  This is not sufficient to cause any erection problems or penile shrinkage.

Significantly high estradiol levels and very low testosterone levels may cause some penile shrinkage, but that's not your situation.

If cialis is helping your erections, then you can use it to help but that doesn't necessarily prove by itself anything about penis size.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Okay thanks! If significantly high estradiol/low testosterone levels may cause some shrinkage does this usually reverse back to normal when the levels get back to normal? So if I get a very good and as big erection with cialis that I used to when I didn't have these problems, does this mean that my penis hasn't shrunken at all?

Thanks for your help!


If you read my previous message carefully, you will see that the levels you have were not so far outside the normal range to cause a problem.  The fact that you get a good erection with cialis does not prove, by itself, that there is no penile shrinkage since there is no way of knowing how big it might have been before.  


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