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I have smaller than average testicles. My testosterone was 438 ng which is on the lower side. I am wondering do smaller testicles mean lower testosterone?  Also if i smoked marijuana from 18-about 21 regularly could that have a permanent effect on my testosterone or erections as an adult. I have morning and night time erections still, I am 27 and haven't touched marijuana for about 5 years. I am thin and lanky  but athletic and a bit underweight for my height.

ANSWER: Randy:

Slighlty small testicles do not necessarily mean any problem with testosterone, erection ability or fertility.  Smoking marijuana is known to have an effect, but this is usually considered transitory and not necessarily permanent.  If you're not having any problem with erections, then you probably won't.

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Ok. They are about the size of grapes. Are there any studies that prove marijuana lowers testosterone? I'm just worried that by smoking marijuana in the past that I permanently made my testosterone lower than it would have been otherwise . What determines the testosterone level ?

ANSWER: Randy:

There are some studies showing lowering of testosterone with marijuana, such as the one at the end of this message.

Testes the size of grapes are definitely smaller than normal.  This is probably not due to marijuana use but to something else such as vascular blockage, injury, or mumps infection.

Testosterone levels are determined by the level of pituitary hormone LH and by the health and number of the leydig cells in the testicle.  If one or the other are abnormal for some reason, the hormone levels will be low.

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Ok.  My testicles have always been smaller and haven't had any issues .  My penis is regular or even above average size.. And a doctor said I had good blood flow in the area . Should I worry


Worry, no, but I'd recommend getting a testosterone level and possibly a semen analysis.  That way you know for sure if your fertility and testosterone levels are normal or not.

Normal size for a testicle is 4 cm.  That's considerably larger than a grape!


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