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QUESTION: I'm 27. I hit my penis on a hard surface several months ago. there was no bruising or swelling after and i got an erection within the hour.  a month after that after a night of heavy sexual activity i developed superficial vein thrombosis.  a urologist didn't think the two events were related.  since then my erections have been pretty good. i've still had morning and night time erections. Ive also had a few wet dreams.  i've had good sex many times, however i have lost an erection a couple random times out of many with sex only. I've never lost one alone with masturbation.

i'm wondering, do you think hitting the area could have predisposed me to developing thrombosis a month later? Also can you have night time erections and wet dreams with a venous leak? Two doctors have said i don't have a venous leak based on what i told them and that the superficial vein isn't related to erections. i've had some erections that have lasted several minutes without touching it. i'm also wondering how long it can take for the thrombosis or vein to resolve fully, one doctor said it could be as long as 30 months in some cases. how hard would you have to hit the area in your opinion to create a leak or any damage? i had good sex two weeks after hitting the area and i had intercourse at least three or four times before i experienced a random loss of an erection.  another doctor said if there was damage it from trauma it would have effected erections immediately, and be a 24/7 not a random intermittent one.


The trauma was clearly a month before the vein thrombosis so it is not likely to be a direct factor.  The physicians are correct that you don't have venous leak based on your description.  They are also correct that the superficial veins are not involved in erectile activity.

Thrombosis resolution cannot be easily predicted, but it typically takes weeks to months.  Since it causes no harm to either voiding or erection function, we urologists don't get too excited aboiut it.  Typical treatment is the regular use of aspirin or other blood thinner to prevent any progression and then we let it heal by itself.  30 months seems a bit long, but 1-2 years would be a likely maximum.

Venous leak is not typically caused by injury and even if it were I have no way to measure the severity of any injury.  Your random and intermittent problem is more likely emotional or psychological such as from anxiety as that typically causes intermittent problems.

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Ok. Can people with vein leak still have nightime or morning erections and wet dreams  and hard erections ?


Since you don't have venous leak, this is a purely academic question.

People with true venous leak may still have nocturnal and morning erections but they would not last very long.  The erection function still works, it's the maintenance function that is affected by the venous leak.

Wet dreams would be unaffected by a venous leak.

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Ok , you said in an earlier post that if you can have hard erections and maintain with masturbation you don't have venous leak. How long should normal nocturnal erections last.  I've had some erections with just thoughts and no physical touching that have lasted about 10 min . I've also had some mornings where the erections have lasted longer than others . Should you have erections every morning ? I'm 27 , at what age does it get less


An erection that has lasted 10 minutes clearly does not have venous leak.  But again, we had already decided you didn't have venous leak.  You should NOT have morning erections every morning.  It is normal to have them only intermittently.  It depends on the stage of sleep you were in just prior to waking up and this varies so the state of the erectiion varies.


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