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QUESTION: dr leslie,I urinated every hour.went to urologist who did renal scan and cystscope.result said bladder fine,but  enlarged prostateurologist gives you as much information which is nothing .did not tell me if I had overactive bladder from prostate.renal scan showed no it not any medicine that can calm down bladder before rushing me to turp surgery.i have diabetes and irregular heart beat kidneys stong.does medicine for overactive bladder have many side effects.if you could give me a example of medicine that relaxes bladder but does not stop urination I will bring it to my internist.any help will be greatly appreciated


I don't understand the need for a renal scan as part of the workup for urinary frequency.

An enlarge prostate can be treated with alpha blockers or 5ARI meds.

We usually check to see if the flow is normal and if the bladder is emptying completely.  If there is blockage from the prostate, this can cause incomplete emptying which results in frequent urination.  If the flow is fine and the bladder is emptying, then you are dealing with either overactive bladder or excessive urinary volume which is sometimes associated with diabetes.  This should have been sorted out by the urologist.  If he didn't, then I would suggest you collect a copy of his records on you and get a second opinion from another urologist.

I would rather not give you a list of possible medications as we don't know enough about the cause of your problem yet.  Your internist is not likely to need my help in determining an overactive bladder drug if he decides it is appropriate for you.

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QUESTION: every time  I urinate a few ounces my scale drops a quarter of a  pound.this does not sound right.if you lose weight by urinating 4 or 5 cups daily is this water weight.think my scale is  off


If you weigh yourself before you void, then urinate, then recheck your weight, there should be a difference based on the weight of the urine you voided.  But in real life, you are also drinking so there is a little variation from one day to the next.


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