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I have been having pain at the tip of my penis for nearly two years. i have a sore tingling sensation which becomes worse after ejaculation. the tingling sesation is present all of the time and the soreness comes and goes. after ejaculation the pain is intense and lasts for a couple of days. i have also been having an aching pain behind the base of my penis which again comes and goes and is only present when the tip is not sore,  chronic back pain and aching around the testicles and perenium.
i have seen two urologists and countless doctors. i have had urine tests, blood tests and had my prostate checked more then once. nothing was found. i have also had flow checks which also normal.
I then had a seamen sample checked and klebsiellia bacteria was found. i was prescribed a 6 week course of ciprofloxacin. that was 3 months ago. my seamen has been checked since and no sign of bacteria wad found.
My symptoms have never gone away. my urologist now thinks that the bacteria has made the nerves more sensitive hence the pain but my doctor is absolutly adament that he thinks my problem is a trapped nerve in my back or pelvis? Could this be the case?
please help. this is seriously affecting my life. i have had problems with depression and my life is being ruined by this.
please help. desperate.


Pain at the tip of the penis with pain behind the penis is strongly suggestive of prostatitis.  Since you've been treated for that without much help, it is unclear what may be causing the discomfort.  A nerve issue is possible but a long shot.  I would suggest continue treating for prostatitis because that is by far the most likely cause.


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