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my girlfriend pulled my penis head.a few penis was in its flaccid state.there was no pain.
now my erection feels weaker.i wake up with an erection but does not seem as strong feels weak.
when i flex my pc muscle it does not make my erection it does not push blood in.
when im flaccid i can flex my penis and it moves as usual,also when i urinate i can stop the flow .
has my girlfriend hurt my penis?
i have no pain at all ,ejaculation is ok.
just feels weak erection.
thank you for any help
kind regards

Marco, from the minor injury to your glans penis that you describe, there is no way you could have suffered any significant damage to the penis.  I am 100% sure that your erections will return to a perfectly normal state.  If your erectile problems persist for weeks, consultation with a urologist is suggested.  However, although I do not believe they will find anything wrong, a prescription for Viagra or a similar agent to take for a short time, will restore your function to normal.  There is no reason to worry about any long term complications.   Good luck.


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