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Urology/Prostatitis, curved penis, nocturnal emmission


QUESTION: Respected Sir,
I m 16.5 yrs old. I have observed symptoms of prostatis in myself
like not emptying bladder completely after urination. I also suffered
frm nocturnal emission for 4 times in last 8 months and this irritates
me like anything. Moreover, my penis got curved since 3 years or so
I fear the consequrnces of this bend penis.
So, I want to know if I m suffering frm prostatis, how to prevent
nocturnal emmission and ho to get my penis straight again???


There is no reliable way to prevent nocturnal emissions since these are normal.  Regular ejaculation can help reduce this.

Prostatitis can only be diagnosed by your physician and would be unusual in someone your age.  Incomplete bladder emptying does not necessarily mean you have prostatitis.

You may want to consult a urologist about the penis curvature.

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QUESTION: Respected Sir,
The only reason to consult u via this website is because it is not possible for me to consult a doctor in India about such problem at such a tender age and moreover I have a lot of faith in u & ur website. Anyways u suggested frequent masturbation but it causes me feel a lot hungry, sleepy &
tired for at least 12 hours aftr having it and as a student i just cant afford to waste so much hours on this thing. So is there any sustainable way to masturbate which wont affect my day to day lifestyle???


This site is not intended to be a substitute for a physician's visit.  You can always start with your regular physician.

We never suggested frequent masturbation as a treatment; only that frequent masturbation or "over-masturbation" does no harm.

Some degree of lethargy and tiredness is not unusual after masturbation, but there is no known connection with hunger.


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