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QUESTION: if you have enlarged prostate and Flomax causes retrograde ejaculation.if you have sex with retrograde ejaculation will this harm bladder or penis

ANSWER: Frank:

Retrograde ejaculation causes no harm to the penis or bladder.

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QUESTION: I have episodes where I pee every hour.i have been to 2 urologists who did cystoscope 6 months ago bladder is normal.i currently take proscar and pain when I pee,even every every hour it is a fair sized pee.will urinating this often lead to bladder failure.tried dextral it gave me urinary retention---this is my last e-mail to you /you have been patientthey say holding in pee at longer interveals help strengthen bladder muscle


Voiding every hour with a significant amount of urine may not be a bladder problem; it could be a "making too much urine" problem.  The best way to know is to do a voiding diary.

For one 24 hour period, write down on a piece of paper the time and the amount that you urinate.  We prefer this be measured in mL.  You can use a plastic urinal available in most drug stores to do the measurements.  The normal voided amount is around 250-300 mL per void and the normal 24 hour total urinary volume is around 1300-1500 mL.  Either you are voiding in small amounts (typical of bladder overactivity) or you are making way too much urine (urine overproduction or polyuria).  With the 24 hour voiding diary, it's easy to tell the difference.  

If the problem is bladder overactivity, then a low dose of a bladder relaxing drug should help as long as the urinary flow is decent and the bladder is able to get empty.

Talk to your urologist once the cause is clearer.

Significant overactivity of the bladder over time can cause bladder damage.


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