QUESTION: dr  leslieI have episodes where I pee every hour and times whenI dribblesometimes ill go 12 hours without urinating then ill go every hour.i suffer from bph.t6months ago they gave me cyscope/enlarged prostate bladder normal.if prostate was blocking urethra then I should not go all day.i take Flomax and proscar.my last visit to urologist they gave me kidney ultrasound.will kidney ultrasound pick up blockage from prostate to bladder and urethra.i cant find a good urologist in Atlanta ga.iif I had blockage from prostate I should not have alternating episodes of frequencw and went one day without urinating.went to er ny bladder had only 300cc in it.if I don't go in 2 days will this be life threating even if bladder is not full

ANSWER: Frank:

A renal ultrasound will not show problems with the bladder or prostate unless they are severe enough to back up urine into the kidneys.  This is relatively uncommon.

Your symptoms suggest prostate enlargement issues.  The variation in symptoms can be explained by an enlarged prostatic lobe acting as a valve and some overactivity.  Talk to your urologist or consider a second opinion.

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QUESTION: if you urinate very little in 2 days will you get real sick or will you have pain before it gets that far.is operation the only solution with enlarged prostate,i have been taking proscar for 6 months.my last urologist visit he did not even check my rectum

ANSWER: Frank:

Repeated rectal examinations are not necessary to check how the prostate is working.  We typically use 3 means: A symptom score such as the AUA symptom score, a flow test to show the volume of urine that is being expelled, and a post void residual urine measurement, usually done with an ultrasound machine.  If none of these means were used, then I don't see how your prostate was assessed.

If urine production is significantly reduced for 2 days you might begin to show signs of renal failure, but most of the time this takes longer.

Treatment for prostate enlargement includes prostate shrinking medications like proscar (finasteride) and alpha blocker medications that relax muscle tension in the prostate and work a bit faster to improve the flow.  When these means fail, then usually an operation is required.

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QUESTION: went to my urologist and asked him is frequent urination a sign og cancer.he said frequent uurination is sign of prostate cancer only 5% of time.when frequent urination is a sign of cancer has  it already spread does 5%sound about right im concerned


When and if frequent urination is a sign of cancer, it indicates nothing about whether or not the cancer may have spread.  Most of the time, frequent urination is due to benign enlargement or possibly an infection.  Follow the advice of your urologist.  


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