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Urology/Prostate cancer and Testosterone level heritability


Dear Doctor ,
My question has a few elements and pertains to family history, prostate cancer, and testosterone levels. I am a 26 year old male, I can't complain of any ill health at the moment.

My father was diagnosed with prostate cancer at about 45. He was told by his doctor that among many risk factors, high testosterone was a likely cause.

Contrast this with my older brother, who at 28 has, over the course of the past 6 months gained about 40 pounds and just got blood work back indicating his testosterone was quite low, 120 ng/dL.

> I am curious where this puts me. In college I decided to eat vegan for reasons chiefly related to hopefully lowering my chances of ever developing prostate cancer as I saw how terribly it took my father's life. So, in a way I thought I was all set not to worry. I am trim and by all qualitative/layman's measures quite healthy, but I am left wondering if I ought to get my testosterone blood levels checked as well. I suppose I am also wondering to what extent testosterone levels are heritable, their relation to prostate cancer risk, etc...

Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.




While it is thought that persistently elevated levels of testosterone might contribute to the development of prostate cancer, this is not the only factor. With a strong family history of.prostate cancer you are checking your PSA level sfartin AF age 40. I would not bother checking testosterone levels as there isn't much you can do regardless.


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