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So a couple weeks ago, maybe even about a month ago, after an erection I noticed a lump on my penis. I am 15 and circumsized. The lump is on the right side of my shaft in the middle, but more towards the back. If I had just been sitting for awhile, and my penis is flaccid, and I look down ther, I won't see it, but if I start feeling around for a bit and get the blood flowing (not an erection just more blood flow) it will appear. The lump is not a circle, it's like an oval. It is about the length of a fingernail, but not as wide. It does not hurt one bit, and is not irritating. It has no discoloration either. I have noticed that if I push on the lump I can feel these two little lines under it that feel kinda like veins. Maybe they are just veins under the area causing the skin to raise when they get bigger? Is that possible? Even when the lump is not present I can fell the little lines, but not as big. I cannot see the lines though, but I do have a vein going over the top of the lump. That area of my penis in general is harder than the other side. I have noticed that my penis may have started curving a LITTLE to the left but barely, and that's only when flaccid. Sometimes when my penis is flaccid it has like an inward curve on the whole left side too but not when erect. And the curve isn't major. A couple weeks before I noticed this I woke up with an erection but I had my penis pressed really hard againced m bed and it hurt, but it seemed fine after that. Could this be Peyronie's disease? And if it is would that leave perminant damage or limit me in anyways? Or affect my life? I know it's hard to figure it out over the Internet but does this seem like it's bad? I really feel like it's just veins because it gets bigger with more bloodflow. But I don't even know if that's possible. And I do feel it when erect but it's not as noticeable and it's more narrow and hard. Thanks in advance.


Obviously, without an examination, I can't determine the nature of the lump or guarantee that it could not be Peyronie's or anything else.  You should get it checked by your local physician so you know for sure.  I suspect the lump are just veins and the curvature is nothing serious.


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