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i began to suffer pain in my left testicle a few days ago and it does not seems to be going away, it is a dull aching pain like ive been kicked in the scrotum (although i have not suffered any trauma)
i also have a big varicocele on this side. it is almost as big as the testicle itself.

i dont know if this is related or not. I would not want to get treatment for the varicocele in an attempt to cure the pain if it turns out theres no connection.

Torsion is the other worry although it seems unlikely. I suffered pain in my right testicle a few years ago which did eventually go away but now its my left one and i dont know if its the same cause or something else.

what do you suggest could be happening?

there appears to be many types of varicocele treatment with various levels of success. Which is best? can it be cured? does the procedure hurt?

Without a full examination and possibly some additional studies like ultrasound, its not possible to determine the source of the pain.  Usually, varicoceles don't cause pain but there are always exceptions.  Are we sure there is no hernia, for example.  Age can be another factor as torsion is not likely after 40 years.  It might be reasonable to consider a varicocele surgery if nothing else is found as it might offer the possibility of some relief even if that is not absolutely certain.  Other possibilities include back issues, groin neuropathy, infection and scarring.

All forms of surgical treatment of varicoceles are quite successful and they are quite curable.  Sometimes varicoceles come back as new blood vessels dilate but usually one surgery is sufficient.  There are pros and cons to each type of procedure which should be discussed with your local urologist.  Surgery for varicocele is likely to have relatively little pain depending on which particular surgery is selected.  


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