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I woke up yesterday with painful groin two sides, at first I thought it was my muscles but in few hours that turned into fever, nausea and weakness, then I noticed my penis was very red and swollen.
I went to the doctor immediately and he took my blood and pee sample, results will be only Friday.
He said that the pain in my groin its the lymph (something) that means my body fighting an infection.
He checked my bladder and it wasn't painful, when I pee there is no pain and no discharges, only the sides of my groin and the penis itself.
The fever is gone the next day so as the nausea and weakness.

I am on antibiotics now, but still worried about the reason of this swelling.

I had something similar 2 years back then the doctor gave me anti fungus cream and it went away in few days, this time since I have bad symptoms I am more concern

ANSWER: Michael, there seems little doubt that you had an infection of skin and underlying tissues of the penis.  This can be due to either a bacterial or fungal infection.  The fact that you are improving with antibiotics strongly suggests this is a bacterial infection as fungi do not typically respond to antibiotics.  Each of us has innumerable lymph glands (nodes) throughout the body.  Their function is to filter out substances that are potentially harmful to us, in your case bacteria.  The swollen lymph nodes are the body's attempt to prevent the offending substance (bacteria) from reaching more distant parts of your body.  You should be on the antibiotics for at least 10 days as long as you are tolerating the medication.

Infections such as this are much more common in uncircumcised men & diabetics.   If you are not circumcised and are able to gently retract the foreskin (prepuce), pull it back to expose the glans penis completely, wash thoroughly with soap and water then pat dry.  Next apply 3% hydrogen peroxide (available over-the-counter from your local pharmacist) with a cotton tipped applicator to the inner foreskin, glans penis and groove  behind the glans.  After the bubbling stops, pat dry and pull the foreskin forward. You can do the washing in the shower and apply the hydrogen peroxide once you dry yourself off.   Do this on a daily basis. If you are uncircumcised and cannot do proper cleaning or, if in spite of cleaning you get recurrent infections, you need to be circumcised.   I would also recommend a blood test to rule out diabetes.  Good luck.

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day 1
day 1  

Day 3
Day 3  
QUESTION: Thank you so much for the detailed answer, I really appreciate it.
I am circumcised and I take my blood test very often, the last one was 3 months ago and my levels were 93 and its usually like that or much lower.

Is it possible that it happened because of a small cut I had on my penis, then touching it with my hands or by oral sex?

Also, my lymph nodes are still very very swollen feels like another 2 balls, doesn't seem that its getting any better, how long typically that can last?

Also is that ok to put an anti fungal cream (I started using it yesterday- Clotrimazole, but it seems like its peeling) or hydrogen peroxide is better?

Thank you,

Michael, I suspect, given your additional history, that the cut got infected by bacteria which spread to the regional lymph nodes.  If you still have inflammation of the penis, I don't think the hydrogen peroxide would do much good at this point but it is okay to use the Chlotrimazole cream in case there is a fungal comment to the infection.    
As far as the swollen lymph nodes are concerned, it would help to apply warm moist heat to the area at least 4 times a day.  This can be done either by soaking in a warm bath tub or by wetting a wash cloth, place it on the swollen nodes and cover the area with a comfortably hot heating pad.  If they do not improve in the next few days, it may be that the infection in them is caused by a bacteria resistant to the antibiotic you are on.  If not markedly improved in a couple days, let your doctor know so he/she can consider changing the antibiotic.  Good luck.


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