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QUESTION: Hello Doctor,

Im quite dipressed and need your help.

I discussed my problem with you a few weeks back but need a little more help.

I had UTI with Klebsiella a few years ago and doctor gave me Sparfloxacin for 3 weeks. My urine culture came No bacteria growth after this treatment. But I continued to have two symptoms (Frequent Urination and Pelvic Pain). Symptoms gradually improved with time and as I got married and got appropriate intercourses. But I cant relate ejaculation to symptom improvement as its only my thought.

Recently, 2 weeks back I had burning and increased symptoms with Pelvic Pain after urinating after intercourse. I did urinalysis DR which was all fine such as Nil Albumin, Nil Glucose, Normal Urobilirubin etc. And occasional Red and White Cells. And it was Staph Aureus in Culture sensitivity.

Doctor gave me Norfloxacin for 2 weeks and now I feel slightly better. But Pelvic Pain is still there which seems to have reduced after intercourse after these 2 weeks (again only my thought as I cant relate it to this completely. Only frequent urination has improved a bit but Pelvic Pain is there and some pain after urination. My urine culture report now has No Bacterial Growth.

Kindly guide the recommended dosage so that I can discuss with doctor. And what problem do you think it is? (Prostatitis or Bladder Neck Hypertrophy?) Also, please guide how to avoid kidney disease if it can cause this.

Many Thanks.


Dosage of norfloxacin is 400 mg twice a day.  The issue is about duration.  For prostatitis, this should be 4 to 6 weeks.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hello Doctor,

Thanks for your reply. May you remain blessed for your continuous help.

I discussed with my doctor and he has advised to take the course to 4 weeks. My 4th week has started. Frquent urination is still there (I drink 2 litres water/day and urinate every 2/3 hours).

I have some pelvic pain once/twice a day for a few seconds. Moreover, I have been feeling slight vibrating feeling on Penis for last 4/5 days (probably after completing 2 weeks of Norfloxacin). Am also experiencing some Constipation/hard stools).

And I have started having slight knee pain.

My ultrasound report is attached.

Many thanks in advance.


A 24 hour voiding diary would be helpful.  You write down the time and the amount you void for 1 complete day.  If you go once an hour with 100 ml, then your 24 hour total would be 2400 ml which would suggest a urine volume problem usually treated with fluid restrictions.  If you only went 50ml at a time, this would total only 1200 and would suggest overactive bladder usually treatable with OAB type medications.

I cannot explain the vibrational sensation or the knee pain.

The ultrasound report is completely normal.

Now go talk to your local physician.  


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