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QUESTION: Good evening Doctor, thank you for taking the time to answer my question, it is greatly appreciated.

I am going through a pretty nightmarish ordeal and wanted to ask your opinion. A bit of background:

June 2005: Diagnosed with right-side epididymitis due to chlamydia. Treated with a 7-day course of doxycycline. Went back a week later and confirmed that chlamydia was treated.

December 2005 (6 months later): Returned to the doctor due to persistent epididymal discomfort. Ultrasound showed enlarged epididymis head with heterogenous echotexture. No infection found. Was told no big deal and to use anti-inflammatories for discomfort.

Soon after, the pain subsided and I had no trouble for nearly 10 years, other than that my right epididymis would always swell to a hard lump at the bottom whenever I was about to ejaculate. This didn't cause pain so I did not worry.

1/9/2015:  Began to experience severe epididymal pain on the right side, such that I went to the emergency room. Was given a referral to urology. An ultrasound and MRI of the scrotum have both come back normal, although I have had persistent pain since.

This past Monday, my urologist performed a right spermatic cord stripping procedure on me in an effort to cure the pain. I know it has only been a few days, but I am still having the same epididymal pain that I was having before. This has really affected my quality of life. The only thing that helps with the pain is Percocet, but of course I don't want to make this a long term solution.

I just wanted to ask how you would proceed at this point? To be honest, at this point I would be willing to have the testicle removed if it would take my pain away. Have you seen a case of chalmydial epididymitis cause this much havoc for someone? It is still hard for me to believe that this is happening. All I know is that it is ruining my life. Thanks Doctor.


At this point, only a surgical procedure to remove the testicle is likely to help. Even that is not certain to relieve ghd pain completely.

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QUESTION: Thank you Dr. That obviously isn't what I want to do, but if it will give me my life back, I'll do it. Is it likely that a urologist would agree to remove my testicle due to my chronic pain? I know that this is usually only performed for testicular cancer. But i'm in a lot of agony and have no quality of life with this pain. Thanks Doctor.


Obviously I can't tell you what another physician will recommend, but when there is chronic pain in the tezticle not responding to medical treatment, removal is reasonable especially when a surgery has already been tried and failed.  One other option to discuss is a.spermatic. cord anesthetic block. Good Luck.


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