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Urology/problem in penis - prostate - testicles ?????????


QUESTION: I was suffering from feeling erotic all the day without penis erection also during my masturbation after semen ejaculation , my penis still erect , I feel that I want to ejaculate more , that's make me do masturbation twice each time , moreover I m feeling with tickles in urethra which let me scratch my penis that lead to feeling erotic , this tickles make me want to do masturbation and feeling lusted all the time without any external stimulation

but you have to know before diagnosis my testicles and prostate disorders I have , that's may help

about prostate , I had did culture and finding the following

before massage

RBC= 0-1

EPS smears

WBC= 1-2

after massage

WBC= 20-25
RBC= 2-4

so my doctor said that there is microbes in prostate and recommend medicine called levofloxacin


I did an ultrasonic and find the following

two unilocular cysts are noted within the right epididymal head averaging 4x2.4 and 3x1.8 cm

also my semen analysis refer lowing in motiltiy and morphology

1- why that happen ?
2- how can I over come it ?
3- is the testicles and prostate disorder is the cause for penis tickling and erotic stimulation I suffring also weakness of semen ?

please advise
hope that help


Your studies suggest prostatitis which is why the levofloxacin was prescribed.  This would explain many of your.symptoms. The ultrasound showed two testicular cysts which.could bother you at some time. Talk to your urologist about other treatments for these issues.

Prostatitis is an infection and the cysts develop when the tubules in the epididymis leak a d the slerm fluid collects.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: so sir

based on your answer , which disorder caused the previous symptoms specially who regard masturbation problems , erotic , tickles in penis and urethra  , desire to masturbate all the time , feeling with lust all the time , ....

do you recommend

- prostates is the cause


testicles cysts is the cause ?

or both ?

please this issue related to erotic feeling annoy me , so I want to know which I ll start with for treatment ?

also last thing which disorder affect semen , prostatitis  or cysts in testicles or both ?



The testicular cysts are causing no symptoms at the moment.  Your physical symptoms are most likely from the protatitis, but the issues regarding sexual feelings are functional or psychological.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: 1- does prostatitis disorder and testicles cysts may affect sperms motiltiy and morphology ?

2- I observed that prostate massage during culture , relieve me for 3 days maximum from erotic feeling and my desire to masturbate all the time ? whats your point of view in this ?



Prostatitis is probably not a significant factor in sperm morphology or motility but it can be a factor.  The testicular cysts can affect sperm factors.

Prostatic massage is controversial.  It sometimes gives relief, but it also can irritate or inflame an already irritated organ.  No other inflamed organ would expect to benefit from a massage.  If the massage helped and your symptoms were relieved, then you have a diagnosis or cause and a treatment option to use.


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