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I have a problem, after ejaculation maybe abkut an hour later or more if not immediately when i pee during the stream of urine it will quickly swap to a white liquid. As this comes out i usually feel a rumble in my penis and sometimes afterwards it will burn. I dont get this every day, its pretty much only after i ebjaculate and sometimes it wont burn.
The last time it happened on a major scale is when there was alot. I was in the shower and i peed and t came out towards the end and some got trapped in a grove on the tip of my foreskin that i hd made to catch some to have a look. What i saw was that the liquid contained stringy bits. And the other day when it happened i was peeing and in the toilet there was stringy bits in the toilet after the white stream came out and it looked like jizzy strings.
I do get aroused easy and i can feel pre cum come out and it comes out sometimes after i get aroused aswell.. i think what i have is conjestive prostitis.. can you help me and tell me wgat this is?


Most likely it is not congestive prostatitis as there are no other symptoms.  An infection is possible but also unlikely for the same reason.  The fluid could be semen, but is more likely to be prostatic secretions but I don't have a good explanation for what you've described.  If it continues to bother you, consider talking to your physician or consult a local urologist for a more definitive explanation.

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QUESTION: My symptoms have changed just a little bit since i last asked, i no longer have the urge to pee as frequantly and i can seem to control it a little better, the white substance in my urine is less often now i think to but im not sure. It doesnt burn or hurt much anymore but sometimes when i pee as it comes out it feels hot, not burning hot though and i feel as though i have less feeling when i pee. Like i used to feel the "pressure" of it comeing out giving me the sensation that im peeing but i dont have that feeling as strong. And as i pee when im done i feel as though it isnt fully empty so i often have to drag my fingers along the shaft and urethra to get all of whats left out which is just a little bit.
Id also like to point out that based on observing when the white liquid comes out altgough it may not hurt the tip of my penis gets a little red around the opening.. please help me get to the bottom of this!! PLEASE
I have one more follow up, what is prostatic secretions?


Prostatic secretions are just the fluid from the prostate which is a gland.  These secretions are used too protect the spe in the ssmen. When people think they are leaking sperm, it is usually just these secretions.

Your description which is getting better.  You should still check.with a local physician to be sure.  


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