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QUESTION: they say cancer in a 80 year old progresses it unusual for you to lose weight if you have prostate cancer for only a year.i lost 8 pounds in 5 months anxiety and stress could case weight loss

ANSWER: Howard

Prostate cancer does not usually grow quickly in men over 80 but this depends on the stage, grade, extent and aggrezsivenezz of the cancer. If the cancer and PSA levels are rising quickly, then it is possible for the cancer to be responsible.  Check with your pbysician.

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QUESTION: is it possible for cancer with high psa to spread to bones in a pain in spine from spread dull acre in tailbone or severe pain.what about no pain in tailbone just feeling sore

ANSWER: Howard:

It is certainly possible for prostate cancer that is growing to spread to the bones.  This is a favorite location for prostate cancer.  Your tailbone pain could be something else.  There is no way this can be determined from here with the available information; you'll need to talk to your local physicians for a definitive answer.

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QUESTION: dr leslie have been taking proscar for 9 months.i read it can cause cancer.if I stop taking proscar how long for prostate to grow back my urologist has to be changed he gives me no avondart better.i don't want to take proscar forever.could I stop taking it and wait and see what happens


The information about Proscar causing prostate cancer is incorrect.  There were some conflicting reports several years ago, but we now know that Proscar does not cause prostate cancer but it will reduce PSA.  Neither proscar nor avodart are indicated for treatment of prostate cancer which may require different medications like Lupron.  You should ask your urologist about this.  I do not recommend that you stop the Proscar to "see what happens" as it could allow the cancer to grow faster.


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