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Urology/Std or Balantitis?


Head of Penis
Head of Penis  

Hi Dr,

So about two months ago I notice small red bumps randomly pop up out of no where one evening. They didn't hurt just case serious panic. I went straight to the ER scared it might be an STD. After a few hours there I finally saw an ER doctor who told me that he see's many men my age (I'm 22) come through with similar situations thinking they too caught an STD. He told me it was just a fungus and to make sure I wash the area very good. I went home did so and soon after the bumps disappeared. That had to have been in January. Just a week ago after having sex with my BF (I am gay we have been together for 6 years) I noticed the bumps randomly show back up. I have been to the Urgent care three times now scared that I really did have an STD because this time the head of my penis hurt. The bumps were still there but they did not bust.

After taking a pee sample to test for a UTI since I was feeling a small tingling/burning sensation, the test came back negative. I recently was also prescribed antibiotics right before this started. I have been cleaning the area at least twice with no soap just warm water and was using a cream for vaginal yeast infections. The cream help clean most of the bumps away but the numbness is still lingering and the burning is still kinda there. I notice if I drink more than plenty of water it does not hurt to pee. I have a scheduled appointment to get tested for Herpies since I am concerned that's what is going on.

I have been really depressed and scared about all this and just need some advice please.

Thank You

Eddie, it is difficult to make this type of diagnosis over the internet without the ability to do a physical examination.  The areas of redness on the penis are very non-specific.  I do not believe this is a venereal disease. I further do not think this is anything of a serious nature.

Common causes would be a bacterial, yeast or fungal infection, contact dermatitis, or a primary dermatologic condition (such a psoriasis, eczema, lichen planus, lichen sclerosis,  etc.). Infections involving the penile glans occur almost exclusively in uncircumcised men & are more common in diabetics.   They respond to proper genital hygiene and topical antibacterial creams.  If refractory, circumcison is sometimes necessary for cure.  Yeast and fungal infection usually respond to a 10 day course of medication such as lotrimin, lamasil or nystatin cream.  Contact dermatoses are much more difficult to track down as it usually infers that you penis is touching something it is allergic to.  This can be a substance on your hands such as chemicals used at work, soaps, detergents used for under clothes, condoms, feminine hygiene sprays your partner might use, etc.  The treatment is eliminating the cause and using at least 1% hydrocortisone or another steroid cream as needed.  If one is uncircumcised (and you apparently are), this bring in other potential factors.  If you are not circumcised, let me know and I'll give you more information.  As your problem is recurrent, consultation with a urologist is suggested.

Good luck.


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