Madam, I am 27 yrs old man my pennies was not grown only for 2inch and almost small compare to others, my left testicle was 3times larger than my right one it's due hit with a cricket ball when I was in child(10yr).madam please help me from this problem

Rajesh, the average length of the male penis at birth is 1.5 inches, the average being between 1 and 2 inches.  During the first five years of a boy's life the growth of the penis is minimal. In fact, from 5 years of age to around 13 there is also no significant penile growth.  In an obese child, part of the penis often telescopes into the pre-puberal fat pad thus making the penis appear shorter than it truly is.  Starting with the onset of puberty, the penis begins to grow although maximum size may not be reached until age 16-17. The average length of the mature flaccid penis is in the  3.5-4 inches range.   If by  age 15-17 there is still a concern about size, I suggest consultation with a urologist to determine if there is a problem or not.   As you are 27, you need to see a urologist to determine if your penile size is truly small and if so, what are the possibles causes and potential treatments available.

The urologist will also be able to evaluate the discrepancy in the size of your testicles.  It may be that the larger testicle is normal but just surrounded by fluid (called a hydrocele).  Or it may be that the larger one is normal and the other is smaller than normal because of injury or a birth anomaly.  Physical examination and, if necessary, an ultrasound of the testicles generally gives the answer.  The urologist also may want to determine if you have a hormone problem that could be related both to the testicles and the size of your penis.  Good luck.


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