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Over the years I'm masturbated with my right hand and on further inspection I've noticed a rather significant curvature to the right. Should I switch hands and use my left to try and correct the curve or will this not work?


Jonny, I do not believe that your technique of masturbation is related to the curvature of your penis.   Let me explain:

The normal anatomy of the penis consists of 3 cylindrical bodies.  The paired corpora cavernosa (erectile bodies) are spongy vascular spaces and each is surrounded by a thick membrane termed the tunica albuginea.  The corpora cavernosa become engorged with arterial blood during sexual arousal, stretching the membrane that surrounds them (tunica albuginea).  Although there are also corporal veins that tend to drain blood away from the corpora, in normal erections the pressure in inside the erectile bodies increases because of limited "give" of the tunica albuginea.  Thus arterial inflow of blood exceeds venous outflow and erection occurs.  The third cylindrical body is the single corpus spongiosum which contains the urinary canal (urethra) and terminates in the glans penis.  The glans penis caps the distal end of the corpora cavernosa.  The corpus spongiosum also has an arterial and venous blood supply.  However, it is not surrounded by a limiting membrane (tunica albuginea) and, therefore, although it becomes somewhat engorged with erection, the degree that it contributes to overall tumescence is quite variable.  

Curvature of the penis to varying degrees occurs in about 50% of men.  It is often congenital (born with the condition) but can be acquired due to injury or a disorder called Peyronie's disease. Curvature can be due to one of the corpora being shorter than the other or to the deposition of scar tissue in part of the tunica albuginea which acts like a bow string and prevents this area from expanding.  I suggest that you see a urologist  so that a proper examination and diagnosis be made.  Generally, no treatment is necessary unless the curvature causes discomfort to you or your partner with sexual activity or if the curvature is so severe that you are unable to have conventional intercourse.  I know of no successful conservative treatment if the problem is due to scarring from injury.   The most common therapy is surgical correction which can either be done by slightly foreshortening the corpora on the side opposite the scarring (plication) or removing the scar tissue and placing a graft at that site.  The latter is not as reliable as it heals with a varying degree of scar that is difficult to estimate and may not correct the problem.  Generally, surgery is not done purely for cosmetic reasons.  Therefore, if you otherwise function well sexually, an understanding partner is the best therapy.  Good luck.


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