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Urology/No ejaculation, having 6mm stone in urethra


For the past 4 days I've been taking Temsunol tablet and Stonex syrup for I've a 6mm stone in urethra. And today when I masturbated there was a dry orgasm. What's the problem?



First, it is important to know if the stone is in the urethra (the urinary tube between the bladder and the outside) or the ureter (the urinary tube between the kidney and the bladder).  A stone in the urethra needs to be removed urgently, a stone in the ureter may or may not pass by itself.  Usually a 6 mm stone is a little large to pass, but unless it is causing consistent pain or gets infected, we often will let it try to pass.  You should also talk to your physician about 24 hour urine testing and kidney stone prevention analysis/treatment if you are interested in reducing your future risk of forming stones.

Temsunol is a combination of dutasteride and tamsulosin.  The tamsulosin is the important part here as it will relax tension in the ureter and help stones pass more easily.  However, it has the side effect of causing problems with ejaculation which is why you noted the dry orgasm.  This will return to normal when you stop the medication.

I have no information on Stonex as it is an ayurvedic treatment which has never had any serious testing and for which there is no data on efficacy or safety.

Good luck.  


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