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Since my childhood I had a strong fetish of females literally stepping all over me, including genitalia. I've build myself a "cock-trample board", that's basically a low table with a hole in it (to put penis and testicles through it) so sexual partner can walk over it and apply pressure. I do realize it's an unusual behavior but that's besides the point. What concerns me is the safety and possible precautions I could undertake with my partner to avoid any permanent damage. So far I've done it just once not realizing the potential dangers and had two females (weighting together at least 100kg) step on my penis together at once (one standing on feet of another). Luckily I seem to be fine, however after-read got me really worried about potentially damaging my erectile tissue. I used to have erection problems before (but since they were judged by the doctor to be most likely psychological ones and use of viagra helped out I rule out the possibility they were caused by the incident described above); the thing is I just don't want to risk them happening again and possibly being permanent this time. I'm introducing my long time girlfriend to this idea and she's willing to give it a try as long as we play it safe. I just wanted to ask about safety measures we should consider, how much pressure can be safely applied, can she step on my penis full weight (about 50kg) or should she stick to using just one foot, would a rough sole of footwear be more likely to cause damage, are sneakers safer choice etc. The board I've made is wooden but perhaps using some other material on top of it (some kind of fabric maybe) could increase the safety. Does the way she steps make any potential difference (placing foot square or using just a heel, etc). I do not want her to play with my testicles, so question is regarding penis alone. She wouldn't use high heels to avoid any piercing injuries, but wider heels are an option and we have no idea how far can we go in regards to them. I was unable to find any information online for obvious reasons and this is such a big part of my sexuality that I don't think I will be able to let this potentially dangerous idea go. Any advice or information would be extremely appreciated on my part. On the internet it is possible to find somewhat large number of individuals engaging in activities of this kind but photos and videos can never express what is really going on and the community is so small that it's hard to contact anybody. Some people might also not care about safety as much as me and my girlfriend. And some might get away with things most other people wouldn't be able to take. That's the reason I'm trying to look for profesional advice. It's a really delicate matter to bring up during appointment with a doctor and expect to be taken seriously, especially in my country where such things I believe could be considered highly abnormal by some. Thank you.


At least you are asking for professional advice. Here it is. Stop trying to do this activity. It is very dangerous and there is no "safe" way to do something so inherently dangerous! If your partner loses her balance or puts just a little too much pressure, the damage done to the penis could be PERMANENT! So please.give up this highly unusual activity.


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