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QUESTION: I was wondering if penile sensory nerve damage or penile nerve damage heals in general ATM my Penis feels numb almost as if it's dead it feel kind of detached my sensation feels decreased and my sex drive is non exsistant

ANSWER: Harry:

As a general rule, penile nerve damage heals very slowly if at all.  In your case, there is evidence of an injury such as surgery or trauma so the cause is less clear.  Decreased sex drive suggests a hormonal issue or possibly early diabetes.  You should check with your physician for more specifics.

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QUESTION: I have had no surgery and as for trauma I don't recall a hit or anything down there. My doctor mentioned contact dermatitis could this cause a numbness I'm not sure it can. Also if it is nerve damage does that pretty much mean I'll never recover? I don't think anything has been servered down there. The sensation feels reduced but I can feel a pinch on the glans also the foreskin is totally normal


Numbness is not a typical symptom of contact dermatitis,but its possible.

The fact that there is decreased zensation suggests nerve involvement but does not prove dansge. A cyeck for disbetes anx lks hormone levels would be reasonable as well as a complete nervous system exam to see if there are any other areas of lower sensation.

Recovery is problematic. In other words, tell me exactly why the zensation hss decreased and I can make some prediction about recivery. Without suvh info, its just a guess; it nay recover slowly over time or it may remain more or less permanently.

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QUESTION: I've never used this service before so was unsure what to write and it happened after using a desensitising gel. I haven't hit the area or anything along those lines so I'm unsure as to why there is loss of sensation it happened after the gel. I'm scared and depressed because of this I want to be better again. It's been two months now and It's basically taking over my life.


You didn'supply that information earlier. This appears to be a prolonged response to the gel. As such, how long it may take to resolve is till uncertain, but most likely it will resolve eventiall u.  Unfortunately there is no specific remedy. However, you can try some vitamin B 6 as it might help.


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