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More redness
More redness  
Recently I have had unprotected sex with 2 girls over the past 3 months. One on January 1st and one on January 18th. One is a girl who I have recently started dating, we have since been using condoms since I noticed these symptoms. On February 29th during my first day of track practice (I'm 17) I was running and started to feel the tip of my penis rubbed raw and looked down and noticed that one side had begun to swell and almost to form a lip. I immediately freaked out and thought I had herpes forsure. I do not have symptoms of herpes but I still cannot let my mind rest. No burning during urination or ejacluation. The "lip" area with a bump on it does not hurt to touch. But almost every time I go to the bathroom I put my penis back in my pants and a little bit of pee begins to dribble out and into my underwear, this never used to happen and is very annoying. I do have discomfort throughout the day just from my Penis rubbing my boxers. Another strange symptom I have is a dull pain in my testicles, there is no swelling and I checked for lumps and found no abnormalities with them. This problem has been killing my pride and my sex drive, making it hard for me to maintain and erection. I have done exsenstive research and it could be anything from prostatis to NGU to a UTI or herpes or hpv (let it be known that I have had the 3 shot vaccine) finally, I noticed today in school it was uncomfortable to sit down, kind of like a symptom prostatis. I have been applying monistat 3 on the area due to me suspecting it could be a yeast infection and I think it has been helping with the strange sensation I am feeling in my peehole and surround area. I am about to go on vacation for spring break and therefore I will not be able to get tested for another week, but I plan on it first thing when I get home. I gave my girl a few kisses when I had a scabbed over cold sore and then she went down on me, could I have given myself HSV-1 genitally? Id like to think not because it's been there for longer than 2 weeks and urine passes over the bump with no burning. I've had it orally since I was a kid in elementary. Please help me with identifying this, I'm very freaked out. I'm a hypochondriac and this is on my mind from the minute I wake up till I go to bed. Ill be happy to answer anymore questions.

Let it be noted aswell that I have scoured the Internet and found that many other men have found symptoms like these that were not related to STDs and have found no cure to what they were. There urologist or Doctor simply told them not to worry and let it go away on its own with maybe the help of some antibiotics. I will not rest until this is sorted out. Once again I have not been tested and will provide more pics if necessary

Thanks, will


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