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ultrasound scan
ultrasound scan  
QUESTION: dear sir, I am SAM  45 YEARS old from Egypt I had a serious problem that HAPPENED to me few days ago.

My left testicle swallowing much bigger than the right one.

I feel pain in it and the left side of the bladder. ( over the left testicle)

i went to the hospital and they gave me medicine in Beijing china where I am working ( Levofloxacin- for one month          () for  epididymitis-Testicles pain)

the ultrasound scan approved that it is not cancer not malignant  
my questions are :

1- is it too serious ? cured or not in the future?

2- that medicine is good for it ? the best available?

3- what is the best way? recommend?

4- during that period of medicine , I can't make love ?

5- in case the left testicle removed, will I be able to make love in the future and have a baby with one right testicle?

notice :

the scan ultrasound report is attached here , check it pls

I need clear answer one by one

you are always great and never let me down

i always trust your info.

advice me please and recommend


I am sam in china

email :  


The most likely diagnosis is epididymitis.  I cannot read the ultrasound report (which is in Chinese).  The medication they prescribed is reasonable.  While epididymitis is serious, it is rarely dangerous.  Ice often helps when the testicle is acutely inflamed.

It is probably better to refrain from sexual activity until the testicle is no longer painful.  The swelling often persists long after the pain and infection are gone.

In the unlikely event that the testicle is removed, there would be no change in your sexual behavior, interest or fertility status.

Good luck.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thanks sir, for your great help

  I really appreciate but, still some serious question to ask you, please

1- is there any useful way to do to avoid epididymitis in the future ( recurrence )??  

2- what is the main reason for epididymitis? some food? drinks?smoking?sex................?

3-I will try to translate the chinese report of the ultrasound for you for more info.




No reasonable way to avoid epididymitis in the future.

The main cause is infection, usually from the urethra. It is associated to some degree with sexual function.

If the ultrasound report confirms epididymitis or hydrocele, there is no real need to translate it.  If it indicates anything else, then it may be worth translating it so I can review it.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: you said that sentence ''The main cause is infection, usually from the urethra. It is associated to some degree with sexual function.''

does it mean my sexual activity  before was not good so that makes the problem ?

or that epedidymities can affect my sexual activity in the future?




Neither.  Sexual activity tends to introduce possible infecting organisms to the urethra from which they can reach the prostate and testicles.  It does not mean you sexual activity was "not good" or that you did anything wrong to get this problem.


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