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QUESTION: My husband had a circumcision 1/8/16 and he still is pretty numb. We are unable to have sex because he cannot feel anything. Is this normal and if so, how long does it last? His dr just says the procedure went great and is healing fine. However, he should be able to feel something!


After 3 months the healing should be complete. Typically, there is increased sensation after circumcision, not less. A second opinion from a University urology program might be reasonable at this point.

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QUESTION: His dr told us after circumcision there is a small loss of sensitivity. Let me clarify, he does have some feeling but not with sex, he cannot feel it so therefore an election is hard to keep. especially the tip and where the inssion was there is no feeling. He also doesn't have insurance and we had to pay cash for this so another expert would be expensive


Loss of sensation along suture line may be expected. The head is now exposed to different sensations than before the circumcision. Sensation may now be Normal when it was previously increased. More importantly, thereally really is not much that can be done at this point to increase sensitivity.


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