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QUESTION: I'm 16 and have problems with my penis. 2 months ago I used benzocaine creme 7.5%. I used it with a lube containing menthol. After I couldn't get an erection at all for three weeks. When I manged to get one it was not fully up and does not get fully erect now. I. can not distinguish between hard and soft. Basically I do not feel my erection or testicles exept for when I flex it really hard. I also can not feel grip on my penis like tightness differences. I need to know whats wrong. I'm also really depressed ever since this happened also quite stressed. Also the tip of my penis stings a little when I ejaculate and occasionally when I pee what's wrong with me. I can stiil climax but Penis does not stay erect without constant stimulation.


Most likely, most of your problems are anxiety related based on your foolish use of menthol and benzocaine on the penis. This was obviously not smart as the combination can cause problems with sensation which fortunately will most likely pass over time. Meanwhile, talk to your physician and do not use anything like this again.

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your reply id like to ask one final question,since using these products my penis glans have also been extremely dry and the skin has some cracks is there anything I can do to make this better? I will never touch either of these products again I assumed since they we're on the market they we're safe to use


Many products are safe when used correctly, but the male genitalia are unusually sensitive so it's best not to use anything that isn't specifically designed for use there or has otherwise been determined to be safe.

For the skin dryness, use of an ointment such as Vaseline can help.  If it persists, you might consider a dermatology consultation as they are the experts on all skin problems.

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QUESTION: Hi I took your advice and went and spoke to my psysician after describing my symptoms and telling him what happened he immediately made me and appointment for a urologist and he said this sounds like a nerve injury/damage now I'm worried sick. If it's a nerve injury can it heal as if it does will I be normal again?


Nerve damage is possible but I would expect this to slowly resolve. We do not really have much to offer to help nerve sensory injuries to heal and recover. Urology primarily is a surgical specialty which involves the genitalia but this is essentially a skin issue and no surgical issue is involved which is why I suggested dermatology. Good luck.


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