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QUESTION: I'm 17 and recently noticed that my left testical (which is also my slightly bigger one and hangs slightly lower) feels firmer than the right one. It's not rock hard and doesn't hurt. It also doesn't seem swollen. No lumps on it. But it's noticeably harder. When I squeez it, it give in a little, then becomes firm. Where as for the right one, it gives in a little more, i.e. It doesn't become too hard to squeez as quickly as the left. The left one (firmer) feels almost like a hard boiled egg without the shell, the right one feels like a softer hard boiled egg. This has got me anxious. But the one really odd thing about this all, is that if I take a shower, and feel around for a while after that, the left one might still be "slightly" more firm, but is very similar to the right one. So I guess my symptoms are: left testical more firm that right.
When relaxed "after shower" is softer.
No pain.
No lumps.
No swelling.
Not rock hard.
Any ideas? Oh and, I'm upset about the fact that if I ask my doctor, my testicals will most likely not be hanging low because I'll be cold or nervous, so it'll be very hard to feel.


The cause of your problem is unclear. You should talk to your physician. Regardless of temperature or nerves, your physician should still be able to perform an adequate exam. Most of the tones nothing is wrong.

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QUESTION: Thank you for your answer, I have one more question. When they say a hard testicle is a (can be) symptom of testicular cancer, do they mean hard as in you can't push on it? And what causes the whole testical to become hard? Also, is it a good sign that when I get out of the shower the testical feels normal? They say to check them after a shower, mine feel fine then, it's when I feel it at a random time that it can be like this. Once again, thank you!


The most common cause for one testicle to ne firm is infection, evenot if old. Scar tissue can also do this. Testicular tumors are uncommon but obviously need to be excluded.

I cannot explain why it seems normal after a shower other than this is when muscle tension is weakest. An actual tumor, for example, would not change.


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