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Urology/Swelling of Inner foreskin of a circumcision penis


Swelling Inner foreskin 1
Swelling Inner foreski  
Swelling Inner foreskin 1
Swelling Inner foreski  
QUESTION: Sir,i am 25 years old.My circumcision have been done when i was 7.It was done in a traditional way (without doctor).So there are lot of extra skin in my shaft.Though i am not a doctor,but i think it's a high and loose circumcision.My scar line is 5 cm behind the coronal rim.
Now, the problem is that, if i got excited and a my penis is get erected for a certain time (5-10 minutes), the inner fore skin get swelled. Specially the frenulum and it's surrounding. It spreads all the inner foreskin as the time progresses.  
Is it a paraphimosis ?
Do i need Re-circumcision?

Now, what should i do?

ANSWER: Farhan

This is NOT a paraphimosis. It is justoo fluid swelling from too much skin left from the circimcision. The only remedy is to surgically remove the extra skin. Consult a urology specialist.

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Swelling of Inner fore  

Swelling of Inner foreskin 3
Swelling of Inner fore  
QUESTION: Sir, What kind of fluid(Blood,serum...)?
Do i need circumcision again?
Is it a rare disease ?
Which kind of circumcision do you prefer for me (low&Tight,High&Tight..........)?
how much inner fore skin should kept remain in an ideal circumcision? (Now i have 5+ cm inner foreskin)
Do i remove frenulum? Because i think , all the fluid comes from frenulum...........


The fluid is tissue fluid: not serum, not blood. You do not need a "circumcision again" but a revision.  It is not a disease; it's a condition caused by the orginal surgery.
I don't know what you mean by "kind of circumcision" meaning low&tight, etc.  We don't typically make circumcison low, tight or anything else; we just do them properly.

Optimally, there should only be about 1 cm rim of skin below the corona or rim of the head of the penis.

We only revise the frenulum if it is damaged or tethered (short).  The fluid does not come from the frenulum which has a small artery and vein.  The fluid comes from the whole head of the penis.


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